Photo of Personalised Teddy Bear
Teddy wears a t-shirt personalised with your child's name!
Photo of Bunny Comforter
Personalised bunnies for babies and children to cuddle up with!
Photo of Bunny Comforter with Date of Birth
Lovable bunnies personalised with name and date of birth!
Photo of Personalised Teddy Comforter
A soft and velvety personalised teddy comforter.
Photo of Christening Teddy Bear
Teddy's t-shirt is embroidered with the Holy Cross and Baby's name.
Photo of Christening Teddy Comforter
A Personalised Christening comforter embroidered with the Holy Cross.
Photo of Personalised Teddy Bears for Twins
Our teddy bears wear t-shirts personalised with the names of twins!
Photo of Personalised Teddy Bears for Triplets
Personalised triplet teddies for triplet babies!
Photo of Twin Comforters
Twin comforters for twin babies!
Photo of Triplet Comforters
Not one, not two but three comforters for triplet babies!